If improved Business results is what you are looking for.
You need an experienced solution and program manager to work on:
  • Strategic program management
  • Change & transformation management
  • Optimisation of the front-office channels
  • Business unit management
Geec-Management Solutions

Someone with hands on experience in:

  • Product design
  • Service design
  • Transforming business requirements to IT solutions
  • Going from proposal management to program management
  • Managing multi-disciplinary teams
  • Multi-channel B2B & B2C segment & account management

25 years of experience in major multinational companies

  • Regional Sales Director at Belfius Bank en Verzekeringen
  • Senior Executive Payments Solutions and Customer Experience at Dexia Bank
  • Responsible Segment Management Financial Institutions at Banksys
  • Head of Business development IT outsourcing at CSC
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gonda stormes
Go for goal, empathy, experience, customer.


+32 (0) 495 59 69 32
Geec - BE 0521 894 048
Driemastenbaan 68,
2160 Wommelgem

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